Since 1999 ABC Office Services has been providing professional secretarial, administrative and typing services for small, medium and large businesses, clubs and associations and the general public as well as an extensive resume, job application, interview coaching and career transition service for clients throughout Australia and overseas.


The Business Community

The Business Community

For the business community, we offer a range of secretarial services including audio transcription, general copy typing, word processing, data entry, database management, labels and mail-outs and typing of manuals (procedures, quality control and work safety). We are a cost effective option for those special projects or when staffing levels are unable to meet organisational requirements.

Schools, Clubs and Associations

Schools, Clubs and Associations

For Schools, Clubs and Associations we are able to assist with newsletters, data entry (Membership or Student Records) and the typing of resources for curriculum development as well as audio and copy typing.

The General Public

The General Public

We are able to help the general public with an efficient typing service and are experienced in typing a range of letters and documents (including legal documents, manuscripts and assignments).


An extensive part of our business has been devoted to job seekers, retrenched workers, long-term unemployed, those undergoing career transitions and University Graduates and school leavers, providing assistance and support in relation to job applications, resumes and the interview process.  ABC Office Services is committed to assisting individuals reach their full potential and establish strong career paths.  We are also strongly committed to providing the tools with which clients can minimise their stress within the workplace.  With this in mind, we have set out in a series of blogs a range of topics that may assist in both their professional and personal lives.


Resumes are designed to reflect a client’s skills, accomplishments, employment history and philosophy and market their strengths and significant and quantifiable achievements.

Job Applications and Response to Selection Criteria

Combined with your Resume and Response to Job and Person Specification, your Job Application Letter is an ideal tool for marketing your skills and abilities to promote you to a prospective employer.  Job Application Letters are designed to market client strengths, work experience, knowledge and character.

We have considerable success with our Responses to Job and Person Specifications and they are designed to be “user friendly” and make you, the client, an attractive proposition for the position sought.  Clients are interviewed to establish answers to the selection criteria, the Response is drafted and then the client’s further input is sought in the final stages.  When clients have drafted answers, we look closely at these to ensure that they have adequately answered all aspects of the selection criteria

Interview Coaching and Ongoing Support

We are undertaking more and more work in this area, guiding clients through the interview process, encouraging them to do their “homework” before attending interviews and assisting them to overcome nervousness.  We discuss the types of questions they may encounter, how best to approach them and how to present a professional image.  Clients are provided with information sheets and are always welcome, and indeed, encouraged to contact us for a debriefing after interviews.

We provide ongoing support and advice on how to market an individual’s skills and abilities and where to target job hunting.  We actively promote multi-skilling and ongoing training and development and work to maximise clients’ career opportunities.

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