ACTION PLANTime Management 2

We are in a competitive market and if you want to be effective at job hunting you need to be focused, have a clear understanding of the skills you can provide, the sort of role you are seeking and where to search for it. In other words you need a plan of action. So you can’t start a job search unless you know your own capabilities and what career path you want to adopt.

So what is the first step? You need to sit down and create a list of your goals, values and beliefs, what you want from a career and the skills and experience you can bring to an organization. From this list pick out key factors that will guide you in your job searching and chosen career path.

Once you have established the career path you wish to take then create a list of prospective employers and employment agencies that you could target, taking into consideration location, potential for career opportunities, salary and workplace culture. Job hunting is not just about looking at vacancy listings it is about being proactive and searching for opportunities and establishing a network of people to assist you in your goal. Some job searchers utilise LinkedIn Groups and Twitter, posting their skills and abilities and generally marketing themselves as a further avenue for career planning.

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