jobhunt1advert2You find a vacancy listing that attracts you and you want to apply for the position. The aim of the Job Application or Covering Letter is to get the prospective employer to read your Resume. We design letters that summarize your skills and why you have the necessary background, skills and motivation to meet the requirements of the position.



jobhunt We have considerable success with our Responses to Job and Person Specifications and they are designed to be “user friendly” and make you, the client, an attractive proposition for the position sought. Clients are interviewed to establish specific examples of how they meet the selection criteria, the Response is drafted and then the client’s further input is sought in the final stages. Alternatively, when clients have drafted answers, we look closely at these to ensure that they have adequately answered all aspects of the selection criteria and provide advice on how to improve the final product.


Career Transition

We are in changing economic times and workers are facing job losses or redundancy for a number of reasons and other workers are dissatisfied with their current roles and are seeking greater career opportunities. Whatever the reason, it can be an emotional and challenging time. It is therefore important to get to know your strengths, develop a plan of action and be proactive in following up your job applications. What we do is sit down with you and discuss with you your strengths, skills and abilities and then help you work out where your skills are transferrable, where to target your applications and how to respond to vacancy listings. We have considerable experience in this area.


Interview ImageWe are undertaking more and more work in this area, guiding clients through the interview process, encouraging them to do their “homework” before attending interviews and assisting them to overcome nervousness. We discuss the types of questions they may encounter, how best to approach them and how to present a professional image.   Clients are provided with information sheets and are always welcome, and indeed, encouraged to contact us for a debriefing after interviews.




Below are a number of forms that will assist you in job hunting and assist with research of a prospective employer prior to an interview. Click to download: